Project Management

The Ecoworks NZ team can help you plan and manage your projects from the get go.
Nothing is too small or too large; we integrate novel ideas to build unique and outstanding projects.

Wetlands, coastal sites, forest habitats or stream environments
we can help you to build it.

Understanding ecosystems, their recovery, pest control and wildlife recovery, potential funding opportunities and focussing on producing “bangs for your buck” in an efficient and cost effective manner has allowed us to achieve many successes.

Thinking ‘outside the square’ has allowed us to develop a number of world first biodiversity recovery achievements around the world, re-building habitats and species populations which were thought impossible to do.


Just some of Our Projects …

Young Nicks Head

Turning the clock back 800 years! achieving many world firsts in the process on the iconic Young Nick’s Head with the recovery of tuatara, petrels, shearwater, penguin colonies, giant weta and wetlands.


Cape Sanctuary

Steve Sawyer helps coordinate the Cape Project and the recovery of over 33 unique species including kiwi, seabirds and takahe.

Longbush Eco-Sanctuary

A unique project working closely with Jeremy and Dame Anne Salmond to restore the 120 ha Longbush Eco-Sanctuary. Native bats, forest birds, seabirds , kiwi and weka will restore the chorus of the hills which has been absent for centuries!


Whinray Reserve

Steve established the Whinray Trust in 1999.

With a dedicated team we have been involved with the recovery of riflemen, native frogs, weka, kiwi, ancient rimu forest and much more!

Pounui Station – Cameron Farms Wairarapa

A new project working with James and Suzy Cameron’s team to restore a unique and ancient beech forest, wetlands and threatened species in a special and rugged part of New Zealand.

Pounui Station

Maui Seabird Project

The Ecoworks team set up predator proof fencing on Maui and using acoustics attracted two of the world’s most endangered seabirds to land and begin breeding in a protected site.


Hikurangi Bat Project

A first for the East Coast Ecoworks NZ is working with Hikurangi Forest farms to protect and restore native bats in the remote Huanui area of the East Coast.

There are many more…..